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About Celeste

When I was about seven years old I handed my great grandma another piece of construction paper covered in geometric patterns that I had drawn. I told her, "I'm going to be a graphic designer someday!"

Seven year old Celeste was halfway right. I began my studies at Iowa State University as a Graphic Design major but I felt like something was missing from my class load of color theory, introductory drawing, and design studies..

It was science. 

The pieces were always there; my fascination with the Eyewitness Books series and their depictions of the natural world, my curiosity about my mom's anatomy textbooks and the beautiful Netter illustrations inside, my awe at the way the Science Center of Iowa brought science to life through visualizations and interactivity.  

The pieces came together when during my first drawing class the professor  asked me a simple question, "Do you like science?" He told me about the Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration program at Iowa State University and I was home. 

I graduated with a degree in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration and am currently working on obtaining an Creative Technologies and Design at the University of Colorado Boulder in order to pursue my goal of creating engaging learning experiences.


-Celeste Moreno