exhibits and education work at the science center of iowa

My work at the Science Center of Iowa began in 2016 when I worked as a Maker in Residence for the summer. After my time at the medical education software company BodyViz I returned to the Science Center of Iowa to assist the exhibits and education team and to pursue my interests in using creative technologies and design to support the development of engaging learning experiences. Highlighted below are some of the experiences I found particularly meaningful.


Visual refresh of the "Why the Sky" Experience platform:

  • Created graphics (pictured left) based on style guide that communicated several learning outcomes such as the accomplishment of Iowans in space and the evolution of spacecraft in the United States.
  • Researched and authored content for new graphics.
  • Prepared a visual report based on data collected from students and teachers who visited the experience platform.
  • Here is a video of a short walk through of the space.

Prototyping Exhibit Components and Educational Technology

  • Used new technologies such as laser cutters and 3D printers to prototype exhibit components.
  • Designed and 3D printed accessories to improve or augment existing educational technology such as Little Bits. 
  • Tested new materials and educational technology to determine if those materials would serve our audiences well. 

Education Work

  • Co-developed and assisted in the facilitation of a series of robotics workshops for teacher PD.
  • Developed STEM, educational technology, and making-based workshops using best practices from the Dimensions of Success framework for all ages from preschool to adults.
  • Facilitated and analyzed a series of community conversations to identify audience and community needs. 
  • Assisted in preschool classrooms as an aid to the primary teachers.
  • Supported the logistics of the Making STEM Connections program by creating vendor relationships, ordering and organizing materials, and preparing materials for training sessions.