Recreating the foot of a Wooly Mammoth for education and outreach.

While examining fossils at a convention, I connected with an individual who was involved with a mammoth dig. I volunteered at the dig site and even discovered some small bone fragments! Volunteering turned into this project, "Step Back in Time". The goal was to recreate a wooly mammoth's footprint ( in this case the whole foot) so that someone could step inside of it and compare their size to that of the wooly mammoth's. This project was funded by the Focus Grant at Iowa State University and the end product is utilized by Mahaska County Conservation for educational outreach purposes.


the initial idea

I scribbled this sketch into my sketchbook and used this to communicate my idea for the project to my contact at the Mahaska County Conservation Center.

The Process

The image to the right describes the process I went through to create and sculpt the mammoth foot.


The final product

The images to the left show various views of the finished mammoth foot.